Xavier Woods BioEdit

If there are fun times to be had, Xavier Woods will be near. Between earning his Ph.D. in educational psychology and partying outside the ring, the afro-haired Superstar dazzles with his in-ring abilities and brains. He already owns two bachelor's degrees in psychology and philosophy, and a master's in psychology.

The lively competitor says he trained under Zack Taylor in the ways of “Hip Hop Kido,” a fighting style Woods pays homage to when he yells “It’s Morphin’ Time!” during matches. 3MB, under the guise of The Rhinestone Cowboys, were the first to feel just how dynamic Woods is in the ring, when Xavier teamed with R-Truth for his WWE debut in November 2013 on Raw.

He learned the ropes with the veteran’s aid, but Woods ran into trouble early in the form of Alexander Rusev. The mighty Superstar battered Woods on multiple occasions before destroying both him and his mentor, Truth, in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match at Extreme Rules.

In July 2014, Woods adopted a new, more serious look, and took to uniting Kofi Kingston and Big E in a fight for their careers. Using his tremendous education, Woods is on a crusade with his new allies against what they feel is unjust treatment.

Still, when the talented and well-educated Woods steps inside the ring, his opponents are about to be schooled.

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