LayCool (sometimes stylised Lay-Cool) was a women's professional wrestling tag team consisting of Layla El and Michelle McCool. The women worked for World Wrestling Entertainment and were featured primarily on the SmackDown brand but appeared on the Raw brand on some occasions, while they were champions and were also part of the second season of NXT, mentoring the male wrestler Kaval, who won the competition.

They first began teaming together in June 2009 but did not become a proper team until the end of the year. The two were portrayed as narcissistic and vain bullies, constantly espousing their own perfection while ganging up on others and attacking their looks. They were a successful team, having won both women's titles available in WWE, the WWE Women's Championship, which they retired when they unified it with the WWE Divas Championship; both titles they claimed to hold as a tag team though this is not officially recognized. The group did court some controversy, however, receiving criticism from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter for what it considered the most disgusting promotional tactic regarding a storyline in which they bullied Mickie James for her supposed weight issues.

In May 2011, after nearly two years together, the team disbanded following several disagreements, at which point Layla defeated McCool in a Loser Leaves WWE match.

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